Store Data Natively

Storing your non-DICOM data in its native format may sound like a natural thing to do, but this feature is unique to our Synapse® VNA.

Synapse VNA allows you to choose whether to store your non-DICOM data natively or, alternatively, to DICOM-wrap the data. A majority of our customers elect to store their non-DICOM data in its native format. The advantages of doing so include:

Native File vs. DICOM Wrapping Benefits

    • The legal source of the image remains untouched, because the image comes from the source solution
    • Wrapping data makes it unmanageable to return the object to its originating source in the original format
    • Wrapping data also converts the original object into DICOM format and may discard the private metadata tags that may be useful to the originating source

  • Storing natively enables users to use enterprise viewers, including Synapse Mobility Enterprise Viewer, without experiencing performance delays while unwrapping non-DICOM data
  • Complexity is minimized for the originating source system. Communication with the source via standard API/web services/file management is performed using the methodology and file format of the originating source

Improve Clinical Outcomes

Images are not ancillary data. They play a critical role across the continuum of care. However, different specialties have unique requirements for viewing and interpreting that data, even as they care for the same patient.

Access and usability are vital to a clinical team’s ability to share and integrate image content. Create a more-complete EHR for optimal patient care. Synapse VNA connects imaging content from more specialties than any other system.

With Synapse VNA, your physicians are able to:

    • Access patient images through the electronic health record
    • View both DICOM and non-DICOM images (PDF files, video files, sound files, JPEG, TIFF images, and more)
    • Provide access to images in more than 30 specialties

    • Create a single patient-centric view across the entire continuum of care
    • Access images anytime, anywhere, on any computer or mobile device
    • Extend standards-based workflows to clinical departments


Capture, Store, Manage, View, Share

Synapse VNA:

  • Improves data security and HIPAA compliance by using standard IT policies and principles for managing enterprise data
  • Optimizes bandwidth with zero-download embedded viewer
  • Centralizes IT governance of data to dramatically reduce the risk of data loss, theft, and HIPPA concerns

Manage Needs of Each Department

Synapse VNA:

  • Scales to meet a range of needs, from a single department to multiple facilities with multiple imaging specialties
  • Provides simplified access to all clinical content in a single view
  • Connects to a variety of departments, including point-of-care ultrasound, real-time dermatology, wound-care image capture, and EHR image and video uploads

Adaptive Design

Synapse VNA:

  • Automatically establishes storage and distribution protocols based on clinical profile, management policy, enterprise workflow, and regulatory requirements
  • Integrates flawlessly with any EMR, PACS, RIS, and CVIS solution

Synapse VNA enables the creation of an infrastructure for data mining and outcomes research. This allows for broad-based analysis of clinical data-usage patterns and can be used to potentially reduce costs and improve efficiencies at the department, facility, or enterprise level.