Synapse® VNA, A Powerful Solution

Vender neutral archives (VNA) arose as a solution to centralize storage and access to those images from the EHR through an enterprise viewer. In order to realize this vision, the VNA needs access to all of those imaging silos. That becomes a challenge when the systems lack interoperability. Therefore, clinical data migration is often necessary to move the data into the VNA.

Generally, this imaging data is stored electronically in either on-site servers, cloud storage or a combination of both. Successfully facilitating image data migration, including DICOM migration and non-DICOM migration, continues to be a top priority for healthcare enterprises. While traditional DICOM images generated in the radiology and cardiology departments still make up the majority of enterprise images, non-DICOM images obtained from departments such as dermatology, pathology, pediatrics, and many others continue to grow at a rapid pace. To keep up, healthcare enterprises need the IT capabilities that make healthcare data transferring and storage possible, and true imaging interoperability achievable. Those capabilities can be found in the Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA).

Synapse VNA, a powerful solution from the TeraMedica Division of Fujifilm, enables seamless data migration by connecting imaging content across the care continuum. Providing imaging interoperability between more than 30 departments, the solution helps healthcare enterprises obtain a complete picture of patient health. Learn more about how Synapse VNA can help your enterprise succeed with patient data transferring and storage below.