VNA for Healthcare

The VNA for Your Expanding Healthcare Enterprise

Patient data continues to be one of the greatest clinical assets for healthcare enterprises looking to innovate in areas that advance patient care. Not only do these enterprises rely on internal data to drive care innovation forward, but they also rely on data from external industry sources. In order to make this need for healthcare information sharing a reality, enterprises must first have the proper healthcare IT infrastructure in place.

Today’s hospitals have patient data stored across many departmental systems. While traditional DICOM images generated in radiology and cardiology departments still make up the majority of enterprise images, non-DICOM images obtained from departments such as dermatology, pathology, ophthalmology, and surgery continue to grow at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, these systems often lack healthcare interoperability, which can hinder care innovation from ever reaching its full potential.

A Vendor Neutral Archive, or VNA, facilitates health information exchange by integrating disparate data systems and storing all patient imaging data within a neutral archive. Learn more below about the innovative value that Synapse® VNA, from the TeraMedica Division of Fujifilm, can bring your healthcare organization.

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Synapse VNA: Supporting You Today, and Advancing You for Tomorrow

In an industry as fast paced as healthcare, organizations need IT systems that they can rely on today, and that support them as they move into tomorrow. Below are a few examples of how Synapse VNA can support just a few of healthcare’s current and upcoming priorities:

  • Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) – A health information exchange can help to create a more comprehensive care record and drive more holistic care delivery forward. A VNA system for healthcare is uniquely designed to support this leading industry initiative. Designed for true imaging interoperability, Synapse VNA provides easy-to-manage storage, access to the complete patient imaging record, and links all healthcare IT systems. Synapse VNA seamlessly stores and organizes more than 30 billion imaging objects from more than 1,000 facilities across six continents, and makes them readily accessible.
  • Biopharma and Biotech Advancements – The ability to store and share medical images is also increasingly valuable to the advancement of biotech. Synapse VNA for biopharma offers the tools needed to manage, store and segregate images, while making them easily accessible for biotech research and advancement. Enterprises can also use Synapse VNA for clinical trials, where the solution acts as a robust data repository that can quickly deliver the images needed to showcase the efficacy of certain treatments and therapies.
  • Industry Consolidation – To support the recent surge in healthcare merger and acquisition activity, connecting the IT systems of previously independent enterprises must be done seamlessly and efficiently. Synapse VNA can share, store, and manage images for healthcare consolidation initiatives by linking these disparate IT systems so imaging data is readily available whenever and whenever needed. The HIPAA-compliant VNA also ensures that your imaging data is safe and secure as it’s exchanged across the care continuum.

The TeraMedica Fujifilm Difference

In order to effectively store, share, and manage images for healthcare needs of today and tomorrow, enterprises need an IT infrastructure that can keep pace with the rapidly evolving environment. Contact us to learn more about what Synapse VNA can offer healthcare organizations to fuel current and future success.

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