By Greg Strowig, Vice President – TeraMedica Division of Fujifilm

Each year at the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition, I’m astounded by the epic (no pun intended) number of attendees that hit the show floor on the hunt for their next game-changing health IT discovery. Unfortunately, this year’s show was canceled in an effort to protect the health and safety of the global HIMSS community, as well as the public at large, from the potential spread of the coronavirus.

So while you may not have been able to see Synapse VNA at HIMSS, there’s still a number of reasons why the platform is an image-archive must see:

1. It enables true imaging interoperability –One of the biggest – if not, THE biggest – industry buzzwords is interoperability. Healthcare departments need access to imaging data from across the enterprise, regardless of the technology-generating source, format type, or siloed storage system. Synapse VNA makes that kind of true imaging interoperability possible. In fact, the archive manages more than 40 billion objects from 1,500 facilities across six continents, and brings the complete picture of patient health to providers all over the world.

2. It integrates with any EHR –As the primary source for clinical documentation, it’s critical that imaging archives seamlessly integrate with the EHR to improve workflow. Synapse VNA’s Connext EHR solution allows clinical data to be instantly uploaded directly from the patient encounter in the EHR into the VNA. Customized API plugins also automatically sync the patient to their visit, and provides one-click access to the Synapse Mobility Enterprise Viewer to support anytime, anywhere imaging workflows.

3. It could match surging data volumes with succinct AI insights—It’s no surprise that big data has led to even bigger insights in healthcare. To take those clinical learnings a step further, Synapse VNA now has the potential to let AI algorithms analyze the massive datasets stored in the VNA to help enhance workflows and support clinical decision making.

4. It was just named the industry’s leading VNA/image archiveSynapse® VNA has just been awarded Best in KLAS for the VNA/Image Archive category of the 2020 Best in KLAS Software & Services report. What’s so special about this recognition? Best in KLAS measures the performance of healthcare IT solutions based on the feedback provided by thousands of healthcare provider organizations, such as yours. As stated by KLAS President Adam Gale, “Best in KLAS winners set the standard of excellence in their market segment. (“The Best in KLAS VNA/Image Archive award”) serves as a signal to providers that they should expect only the best from the winning vendors.” How’s that for an endorsement?

5. Synapse is more than just a VNA—While Synapse VNA is the core to an extensive enterprise imaging strategy, the Synapse Enterprise Imaging portfolio spans far beyond just the archive. Fujifilm’s comprehensive suite of enterprise imaging solutions – including Synapse PACS, Synapse Cardiology, Synapse 3D, Synapse EIS, Fujifilm’s AI-enabled platform REiLI, and Fujifilm’s latest unified enterprise imaging viewing platform, Synapse 7x – let’s your organization see the whole patient, so you can treat the whole patient.

Interested in learning more about what Synapse VNA and the rest of the Synapse Enterprise Imaging portfolio can do for your healthcare enterprise? Contact us today!