Powerful New User Interface Simplifies Data Management

(November 12, 2014 – MILWAUKEE, WI) TeraMedica (RSNA Booth #7530) debuts at RSNA 2014 Evercore VNA 6.0 Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) with a powerful new user interface that simplifies data management, access and quality assurance. Its new features also enhance Evercore VNA’s value for data management and analysis across the enterprise. With this introduction, the leading VNA vendor expands its ongoing commitment to support full user data ownership and control as well to maximize the value of its stored clinical data.

New Evercore VNA 6.0 supports customizable screen features based on specialized enterprise or departmental needs. Site-specific icons and toolsets streamline operation by bringing access to key information as well as user-defined functionalities under streamlined one-click access.

Additionally, in Evercore VNA 6.0 new progressive intelligent information presentation delivers relevant data directly to users to pare down time-consuming searches and to leverage the VNA for information gathering and analytics. “Once a user initiates a search or accesses particular data, Evercore VNA will automatically present related information as users delve deeper into the data sets,” explains Mark Wheeler, Vice President of Product Development for TeraMedica. “Many of our interface enhancements represent a commitment to delivering on a vision for the future of VNA technology. They are based on our interaction with users and reflect their requests for the expanded functionality going forward.”

Also new, sophisticated IHE profile Imaging Object Change Management (IOCM) centralizes and streamlines management of the VNA and other related systems. IOCM uses standardized bidirectional messaging to facilitate communications across systems, consolidating maintenance and reducing the costs and time involved.

“TeraMedica has always been in the forefront of providing users with seamless control over their clinical data,” says Jim Prekop, CEO of TeraMedica. “This can open an almost limitless range of possibilities for the future use of a VNA.”

As an integrated enterprise-wide patient data repository, for example, the VNA provides the basis for a widely ranging clinical and systems operational intelligence. With TeraMedica’s growing analytic capabilities, the Evercore VNA data can be used to track patient clinical trends, departmental performance and even the status of VNA hardware and software itself.

“TeraMedica is committed to providing users with the tools necessary to derive maximum value from their VNA solutions to give them a strategic edge in the competitive healthcare environment,” says Prekop. “With the introduction of Evercore VNA 6.0, we take another major step in this direction and continue to differentiate ourselves from competing vendors.”

TeraMedica is an established leader in VNA storage architecture, providing interoperability among data from disparate healthcare IT applications with shared formatting and centralized archiving. Today, the VNA is helping a growing number of forward-thinking healthcare enterprises around the world realize the promise of truly integrated patient-centric healthcare across multiple healthcare applications and IT systems and providers. It also is playing a crucial role in placing healthcare enterprises on the road to meaningful use.

A VNA provides a patient-centric view of data, easily displaying comprehensive information for a single individual. Systems typically integrated with a VNA include HIS, PACS, RIS and an EHR as well as certain departmental systems. The technology also goes beyond PACS capabilities and makes image data sharing more universal by allowing doctors to view a large variety of formats, including both non-DICOM and DICOM images.

About TeraMedica, Inc.
TeraMedica, Inc., a global healthcare informatics company based in Milwaukee, WI, is the leading provider of vendor neutral, enterprise-wide solutions for unrestricted medical image management. The company began with the successful development of a cross-departmental, patient-centric clinical image archive for the Mayo Clinic in 2001. To date, TeraMedica has over 600 customer-driven deployments on six continents. Such flexibility can only be achieved by an organization that is committed to exceeding customer expectations using a technology platform that has been designed for adaptation. For more information, visit stage.teramedica.com.